A community-led vision for a historic town

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Reimagine Athenry is a community led vision for Athenry’s town and its environs commissioned by Athenry Community Council and funded by LEADER. The project sets out a future framework for the town based on the ambitions of the community as documented from public consultations and an online survey.

The potential of Athenry was very apparent throughout this process with with its rich history, great connectivity and strong sense of community. This project helps to map out a vision for the town to build on this potential and bring the community together to make Athenry a more attractive place to live, work and visit.

Public Consultation

A number of key concerns were raised during the public consultation process. These included issues with pedestrian safety, accessibility, parking and the appearance of the town with so many derelict buildings and vacant premises.  Residents also highlighted the need for a greater diversity of shops, improved green spaces and more emphasis on Athenry heritage sites to attract tourists to the town. 

“We need markets, theatre, festivals, drama, historical tours…This is all available but there is no joined up thinking..We need a town map/ information booklet in every shop and business that guides people on their journey around town”
“More dedicated walking cycling
we can exercise, cycle, walk
with our families SAFELY!”
“A safe place to walk, it would be wonderful if children could walk in the centre of town and meet the community without the fear of traffic and falling off the narrow footpaths”


A Community Framework

The consultation process provided a clear set of goals that any future developments can be measured against. Each development can be judged on the basis of these criteria and how they respond to these challenges.

For example new developments should strive to respond to as many criteria as possible in order to fulfil Athenry’s potential. This is essential if we want to avoid the same mistakes that have been made in the past.

Project Gallery

The full report including a detailed set of recommendations is available to view online here:

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