Bank of Ireland National Enterprising Town Awards 2018

Bank of Ireland National Enterprising Town Awards 2018

On September 27th, Athenry are delighted to welcome judges for the Bank of Ireland National Enterprising Town Awards 2018.

These awards are designed to recognise and reward towns where businesses and the community come together to showcase the spirit of enterprise in their local area.

The six key themes of the awards are:

  • Attracting large employers
  • Keeping sustainable small businesses going
  • Securing investment in local schools
  • Supporting community groups
  • Retaining local amenities
  • The people

A team of local stakeholders, led by the Athenry Community Council, have been busy putting together a bid for this years awards to showcase the many strands of talent and ingenuity in the town.

Locals will be well aware of events such as the Bia Lover, Walled Town and St. Patrick’s Day Festivals. Just recently the very first MAD Festival was launched in the town. There are 100’s of small to large enterprises dotted throughout the town ranging from sole traders working from home to large multinationals exporting materials to all corners of the world.

Often these enterprises go unnoticed by the general public and the awards represent an opportunity to raise awareness about the true level of productivity in the town.

The 27th also represents a great opportunity to showcase the wonderful historic features of the town beginning with a presentation in the Castle followed by a walk around the town with the judges to showcase some unique features of the town and community groups such as the Tidy Towns who help to maintain it on a regular basis.

We all eagerly await the awards in The Lyrath Hotel, Kilkenny on November 28, 2018.