All Cuan Mhuire Centres are struggling with acquiring PPE such as face masks, gloves, sanitizer, antibacterial soap and disposable aprons etc.  We are seeking donations of PPE and if anyone can assist, you can contact your nearest Cuan Mhuire centre.  Thank you!

Covid Quotes

“Our wonderful facility has been up-skilling constantly through the last six weeks to learn how to fluently move between platforms [zoom, skype, facetime, etc] and to find the best one for each student.”

 – Katherine MacMaghnuis, director of Athenry Music School.

“We are delighted to announce that further funding has been received for the development of the Community Walkway at Moanbaun. We would like to thank Galway Rural Development, local representatives, the clubs and their committee members involved, Athenry Credit Union and the community as a whole for their support. “

– Athenry Football Club.

The planned shopping centre, at the old Arrabawn co-op on the corner of Cross Street and Clarke Street has been ‘moth-balled’ with the planners noting “no development has commenced due to economic circumstances” in granting a five year extension to planning to 2025.

– Galway County Council.

“Athenry must be the only major county town that does not have public exercise machines for the elderly. The town population is now 4000 with another 4000 living in the countryside (last census). It’s time that Athenry got these machines and further a fair share of the county resources for other public projects.”

– Gerald Ahern.

“My message and appeal to the incoming government, whomever that may be, is simple: People with disabilities have the ability to contribute to our communities. Encourage our participation in society. Acknowledge us. Support us. Count us in.”

– Cllr Gabe Cronnolly