With anti-social behaviour on the rise, we have to ask ourselves why… and ask ourselves also where are all the adults in the room? Over the course of the last two decades it’s as though all the adults have gone into hiding.

As a child I was just as likely to be told off by a neighbour, a teacher, a stranger, or the local baker. It didn’t matter what title the person held as, once they were deemed an adult, they were automatically entitled to bawl me or my peers out of it should we step out of line.

Anyone within my age category will have tales to share about a mishap where they were held to account by a person other than a parent. I can think of one such encounter in my life, and one was enough to whip me into shape.

Today, it seems all of the adults in all of the rooms of our social lives have been duped into submission. It’s as if they’re afraid to ‘call out’ bad behaviour for what it is, and some parents seem to have ‘softened’ to where they believe the children of today are princes and princesses. Untouchables if you like.

The simple truth is there are no princes or princesses here, just citizens expected to be held accountable for their actions and reminded that actions have consequences. In 10-15 years, when these children having never been told off, grow into adults, how well adjusted will they be? Will our functioning society be asked and expected to bend to their ways? And more importantly, will they be the ones left asking questions of those adults once seen?