Name:  Mark Hannon Position: Midfield

What sports did you play growing up?

Hurling, football, soccer, rugby.

When and why did you choose hurling as your main sport?

I always preferred hurling and when I was around 15/16 I started to cut back on other sports and concentrate on hurling.

In terms of training, what does a typical week consist of?

At the moment we are getting back into pre-season training which includes 3/4 gym/running sessions each week. I much prefer when we get back out hurling on the pitches from February onwards. Then we will have 3 training sessions and usually a match at the weekend.

What’s your strongest asset as a player?

I try to work as hard as I can in every game.

What has been your most satisfying achievements in sport and life?

We won things underage with Athenry growing up in hurling and other sports. We also had a great schools team in the Pres.

Making the Athenry senior team was something I always wanted to do. In one of our first years playing senior when we were very young we survived a very tough relegation battle. It was a young team at the time and although it was not where we wanted to be, it definitely felt like we achieved something. We have continued to progress each year, reaching a quarter final last year. We hope we can continue to improve.

What advice would you give to other younger players in terms of trying to balance their career, personal life and training schedules?

Play as many sports as you can when you are young. You will probably have to cut back a bit as you get older with school and work and specialise on one sport to be as good as you possibly can at it.  It’s important to get the balance right in life and sport should always be something you enjoy.

Who inspires you in life and sport?

From a hurling point of view, Micky Mullins. His unselfish nature on the pitch is inspirational. Also his Instagram is very impressive.

Dr James Divilly has always inspired me and our team down through the years. He has been like a father figure to all of us even though he’s still in college.

If time, talent and money were no obstacle, what event or adventure would you most like to take part in?

The World Cup Final.

What are your goals for 2020?

Build on our momentum from last year. Our goal is to first, get promoted to Senior A and go from there.