Name:  Cathal Fahy Position: Striker

What sports did you play growing up?

Soccer, football, Hurling, golf, Rugby. Anything to get out of the house.  

When and why did you choose soccer as your main sport?

Soccer was always my first sport growing up, between all the sports it was the one I enjoyed the most. 

In terms of training, what does a typical week consist of?

Train 2 nights a week with a game the weekend.

What’s your strongest asset as a player?

First 3 yards.

What has been your most satisfying achievements in sport and life?

Sport: Representing Ireland at junior level.

Life: Everything I have done up to this date.

What advice would you give to other younger players in terms of trying to balance their career, personal life and training schedules?

If you aren’t enjoying it, don’t do it.

Who inspires you in life and sport?

Sport: The lads that do if for the love of the game for nothing.  

Life: Everyone that gets up every day and keeps going.  

If time, talent and money were no obstacle, what event or adventure would you most like to take part in?

Climb Everest.

What are your goals for 2020?

Still be here in 2021.