History and Heritage in Athenry!

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Back in the day in the Fields of Athenry

Some people Some places One town Athenry The life and times of three people..each with a story to tell about their past and what life was like then compared to now......Filmed and produced by Noel Glynn, this is a unique look into the lives of Pat Kearns..Eamon Madden...and Kitty Lardner...Some people, Some stories, One town..."Athenry...
Athenry Lady Day, 15 August 1990, Athenry Local TV 30 mins of interviews on Athenry local Tv, broadcast on the 15th August 1990 (Lady Day in Athenry)
Athenry Lady Day (late 1970's?) Athenry - At The Well, Lady Day, 15th August. Monsignor Paddy Higgins interviews Fr Terry Hynes from Cross St., Athenry and Fr Joe Frank Fitzsimons from Northgate St., Athenry. Gabe Nolan, from Back Park near Esker tells the story of Our Lady's Well, the traditions, and of his attendance over 45 years. Fr Hynes accompanied by his sister Una later talks from outside his family home. The 2nd year of the reunion of the Priests of Athenry. He comments on the social aspect of the festival, tremendous crowds, and how people have the opportunity to meet up again. We thought that the video dated from 1981 but Fr Hynes mentions Pope Paul, and since Paul VI died on August 8th 1978, then this video clip must date from 1977 at the latest?.... Video Richard Murphy.